Shucked Oysters GF.
On the Half-Shell, based on market availability

$2 each or $10 half dozen
Premium $3 or $15 half dozen


Clam Chowder
Baynes sound manila clams, New England style $7

Lobster Bisque
House made crème fraîche $8

Soup of the Day $8 GF.


Baynes Sound Manila Clams or Honey Mussels GF
1/2lb. $10, 1lb. $17
– Garlic, lemon, fresh herbs
-Frites, chorizo, tomato, basil
– Ginge, lemongrass, cilantro , chilli, coconut milk


Clam Chowder
Baynes sound manila clams, New England style $7

Lobster Bisque
house-made crème fraîche $8
Soup of the day $8 GF


Caesar salad
garlic confit, toasted croutons, house-made dressing $7

Organic mixed green salad VG GF
yuzu dressing, cherry tomato, shaved fennel $12

Albacore Tuna Tataki GF
mango, avocado, citrus vinaigrette $14


Crab cakes
Wasabi-lime, fresh cilantro mayonnaise $14

Salmon carpaccio GF
Caper, garlic, tamari, enoki $14

Seared Scallops GF
Ponzu marinated eggplant, toasted cashews $14


Mushroom frittata GF. VG.
Blue cheese sauce $12

Smoked Salmon frittata GF.
Fresh basil, tomato sauce $13

– Add side soup or market salad – $4

Blackened salmon sandwich
Red onion, avocado, lettuce, brioche bun $13

Grilled chicken panini
Mushroom duxelle, lettuce, havarti, bacon
truffle emulsion, brioche bun $13

Lobster melt
Brie , havarti, herbs, mustard. brioche bun $15


Clams spaghetti
White wine, garlic, herb $16

Prawns linguine
pancetta, egg yolk, cream $16

Curried orzo VG.
Cashews, spinach, tomato, goat cheese $15

“Mac ‘n’ Cheese”
Butter-poached lobster, orzo pasta, mascarpone $19


Fish and Chips
Market salad, frites. $15

Wild Salmon GF.
Eggplant, roasted red pepper kimchi pure, market vegetable $16

Fishworks Bouillabaisse GF.
Fruits de mer and julienne vegetables in
a tomato-saffron broth $18

Scallops Risotto GF.
Sweet peas, crispy bacon $22
Lingcod GF.
Ginger lemongrass, Asian mushrooms, chili aspic, spinach, coconut milk $22

Halibut Poutine
Goat cheese gravy, garlic confit, sundried tomato,
balsamic (Silver Winner) $24

Organic Free Range Chicken Breast GF.
lemon, herb, market vegetables $17

Choose any fish on the menu seared with sea salt, lemon & fresh herbs. come with the Chef’s selection of Fresh Local Vegetables
ask server for today availability and price

GF: gluten free VG: vegetarian

Features Vancouver Aquarium Ocean-Wise Certified Sustainable Seafood
18% gratuities added to all parties of 8 people or more